Organizing Success Story – School Teacher Office

5 thoughts on “Organizing Success Story – School Teacher Office”

  1. This was an amazing plan and a great job! I can’t believe the room they will have now. That’s also great that you made each teacher declutter first. That was probably the biggest obstacle.

  2. Seana turner says:

    Very impressive “before” and “afters”… what a wonderful difference this will make for the teachers and students alike!

  3. Great job – so rewarding! One of my favorite organizing jobs was helping a Principal organize her office. I did a consultation for a two-teacher classroom, but one of the teachers (the one who didn’t contact me, who was the disorganized one) wasn’t on board with it so I never got to do my magic.

  4. Wow beautiful job! Being a homeschool mom for 14 years, I enjoyed having an organized room for all our school books and projects. Nice work.

  5. This is a wonderful project! I love the before and after pictures.

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