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Ducks in a Row, OKC

Compassionate, creative and cooperative organizing service
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$ 20.00 3 Hrs
General housekeeping includes:

  • Dusting from top down, including corners, molding, ceiling fans (within reach of a standard step ladder), knock knacks, surfaces

  • Bathrooms

    • all surfaces

    • all fixtures

    • cabinet fronts

  • Kitchen

    • outside of appliances

    • inside microwave

    • all surfaces

    • all fixtures

    • cabinet fronts

  • Living Areas

    • basic dusting of blinds

  • Bedrooms

    • change linens

  • Laundry rooms

  • Baseboard dusting

  • Vacuum, mop


  • Cleaning inside of fridge and oven (cannot clean iwht heavy duty oven cleaner due to allergy)

  • interior windows

  • washing baseboards

I will contact you via email or chat, you can provide pictures of the space you wish to work on. I will assess your needs, and we will set up a process to tackle your space. You provide the elbow grease, I provide the expertise (and a good shot of motivation!). This style of organizing is great for people who don't mind putting in the work, but lack the motivation or knowledge to see the space and find a way to fix it.
On Site Organizing
I will come to your space and assess your needs. We will discuss your vision, strengths, set backs and lifestyle to determine how best to tackle your space. The assessment fee will be applied to the first booked session.
Home Organizing
$ 30.00 / Hr
It is difficult to estimate an organizing job sight unseen. There are many variables to consider. My general guideline is based on $30/hour. This can be done in such a way to fit your budget, and can vary if you are willing to do some of the work with me. We discuss all of the options at the initial assessment.


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